"One hit punishes all! Fly on evil wings!"
      —Shadow Star's flavor text in Kirby Air Ride.

The Shadow Star is a star in Kirby Air Ride.


The Shadow Star is a Star in Kirby Air Ride. It is different from most other stars. It has a different engine sound, and its shining feature is its Star Draft, allowing it to speed up behind stars incredibily fast, similar to how shadows always keep up with objects that created them. The Shadow Star also posseses an incredible Quick Spin capable of one hit KOing other stars if they are hit in the "Sweet Spot."

The Shadow Star may as well be one of the best stars in the game. However, it falls under the lightweight category, which means it doesn't have good HP, Top Speed, or Weight, however, it is a great glider. The CPU tends to try and find this star and the Wagon Star over others. There is a star that looks like the Shadow Star, named the Winged Star. However, the Winged Star is very weak and not as fast, but it glides farther than the Shadow Star.


The Shadow Star appears in The Air Ride Series. The Shadow Star is always hiding. He does not want to be ridden on. He mostly hides on The UFO. He is usually found by people.